Which Data Backup Solution is Best for you?

We're all different. We have different jobs, families and interests, so it makes sense that our computer backup needs would be diverse too. Fortunately, we are able to address these needs and come up with a backup plan that not only protects your precious files but also is affordable and easy to use.

External Backup Drives


We can offer a solution that provides an external harddrive, sized to your needs, that we can setup to backup your files automatically on a predetermined schedule. This is an easy, affordable solution and it allows easy access in the event that you need to recover your files.

Online Backup Services


Online Backup Services like iDrive Cloud Backup will automatically backup your data to an online account aka "The Cloud". The pricing is very competitive and recovery in the event of a disaster is near flawless. Ideally, if you have smaller amounts of data to backup... this is the route to go.

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